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You can actually check out what is going on in my backyard RIGHT NOW. A few years ago, I set up webcams that show my bird feeders, and also the area underneath.

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Bird Feeding Secrets eBook! (Instant download)
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This is a fantastic product, and I recommend it highly–definitely worth the money I invested in it. It was straightforward to put together and is very sturdy in the ground. It is practical (I hang four feeders from it) and elegant. I’ve had it about a month, and so far the squirrels have not found a way past the baffle. They regularly climb the pole to the bottom of the baffle but give up their attempts pretty quickly.

Daniel Barkley

The best product for birds that I have ever had. Very easy to put together. It is fun to watch the squirrels try to get in the bird feeder.

Robert Beckner

The squirrel stopper pole actually works! I love it. I had recently set up a couple of bird feeders on a regular hook pole and was really enjoying watching all the birds, until the squirrels discovered the feeders and completely took over. It’s very solid and nice looking, but more importantly, not one squirrel has been able to climb it. I’ve had it for about 3 months and after hearing me rave about it, a Couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to order one for her too. Worth every penny!

Pat H.

This pole and baffle was just the thing to stop the pesky family of raccoons that were wreaking havoc on my bird feeders every night! So far they have not been able to get past the baffle! I am thrilled! The set is ery well made and looks amazing as well! I would definitely buy this again!

Linda Bolano


I am not a handyman in anyway, but after about 25/30minutes I was able to fully assemble the contraption! One month in and no squirrels have been able to access the birdfeeders! I got this as a gift for my mom’s birthday as she now works from home due to COVID-19. She now has a lovely birdfeeder outside her “office” window and she loves it!

I run in the neighborhood a lot and can tell you that all of the neighborhood birds wont stop chirping about how much they love this birdfeeder stand!

Daniel Giuffra