About Us

My name is Scott. However you found us, I’m glad you’re here. 

The site you are currently visiting is an extension of Bird Watching HQ, which is where I provide information, resources, and tips to help people attract birds and wildlife to their backyard.
This online store features many of the bird feeders, and other products, that I recommend, many which I use in my own backyard.

I am here to answer questions about any of the items for sale you find here. I have tried to keep the number of products to a minimum, which avoids confusion for you. This fact also allows me to focus my attention on testing and learning as much as possible about each feeder, birdbath, or accessories offered.

You can actually check out what is going on in my backyard RIGHT NOW. A few years ago, I set up webcams that show my bird feeders, and also the area underneath. In case you're curious, I am located in Akron, Ohio.

My Live Bird Feeder Cam:

My Live Animal Cam: