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Absolute II Hopper Bird Feeder – Heritage Farms

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The double-sided Absolute II is one of my favorite bird feeders. I love that it holds up to 12 pounds of seed, which means I typically only have to refill this feeder about once per week.

  • Attracts a WIDE variety of birds, including Northern Cardinals, which are the most common bird that I see using the Absolute II.


  • USA only.


If I could only hang ONE bird feeder in my yard, then the Absolute II would be my choice. Here are some of my favorite things:


1. Helps deter squirrels and starlings:

  • The Absolute II does an excellent job of deterring squirrels with its weight-activated perches. The squirrels have to work extremely hard to get any food. Since the feeder is made of metal, these rodents can’t chew through either!
  • By adjusting the sensitivity of the feeding perches, you can prevent multiple starlings from sitting and eating all of your food. Also, larger birds such as pigeons, crows, and jays do not prefer using this feeder.


Here’s a short video demonstrating how the perches work:


2. Attracts Northern Cardinals:

I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t want more of these gorgeous birds in their backyard. Fill the Absolute II with sunflower seed and watch cardinals appear. Below is a clip that I recorded from my feeding station, which shows many cardinals feeding! You can see the Absolute II in the back left.


3. Bird food is not wasted.

Because of the design, birds can’t shovel food they don’t want to eat out of the bottom. I know that can be a big problem with other feeders as birds search for the tastiest sunflower kernels they can find. The seed that you put inside the Absolute II stays in there until it’s eaten!

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4. Easy to refill.

I love how easy this hopper feeder is to put more birdseed inside! I don’t even have to take it off my feeding station. I just open up the roof and dump a new bucket of food inside. I also want to note that the roof has a locking mechanism so squirrels can’t get to the inside for an easy meal. 🙂

Also, the roof is waterproof. I have never had a problem with water getting in from the top and making my seed wet.

(insert picture)

5. Hang or pole mount.

As you can see in my video above, I am hanging my Absolute II. The feeder is fairly heavy when full of seed, so you will only want to hang if you have a secure spot that can handle some weight.

The Absolute II can also be mounted if you desire, and when you order it includes a 5-foot sectional pole kit with metal mounting bracket and ground socket.


Additional information

Weight 176 oz
Dimensions 16 × 13.5 × 11.2 in

1 review for Absolute II Hopper Bird Feeder – Heritage Farms

  1. DMPa (verified owner)

    I was having a problem with fat bully birds at my feeder.. the Absolute II Hopper has closed those bad guys right down !!
    I highly recommend.. the money saved in wasted seed from shutting down the bully birds, will pay for the Absolute II over the summer.. birdseed doesn’t come cheap for us retirees !!

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