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Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set

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This bird feeding pole is 100% SQUIRREL PROOF.

I highly recommend The Squirrel Stopper to anyone that wants an affordable, effective feeding pole solution out of the box. Installation took me less than half an hour!


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Here is what I like about the Squirrel Stopper:


  • As the name implies, the Squirrel Stopper is the best pre-made squirrel proof bird feeder pole around. To accomplish the almost impossible feat of stopping squirrels, a spring-loaded baffle is attached to the pole. This means that it can move up, down, and side to side. Squirrels can’t get past the baffle!


Here is exactly how the baffle works.


Just imagine a squirrel trying to climb up the pole. It’s impossible!


  • The pole can hold up to 8 bird feeders (or hanging plants) from the upper cross tubes. Even though there are 8 hooks, in my opinion, you can fit four bird feeders comfortably on the ends of each of the cross tubes. If you have small or skinny tube feeders, then you can probably hang a few more on the inside hooks.

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  • The installation of this bird feeder pole was relatively simple and straightforward. It took me about half an hour from opening the box to having the Squirrel Stopper installed and in the ground. The instructions that come in the box are not great, but luckily building this pole is not rocket science. Thankfully, no tools are required; everything you need comes in the box. View a PDF of the instructions here!

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  • Screwing the pole in the ground was surprisingly easy. There is an auger that attaches to the bottom of the pole, and then you use one of the cross tubes to screw it down into the ground. It took less than a minute to get the pole almost two feet underground!


  • It looks classy! I used to use cheap shepherds hooks to hang my feeders and it looked bad. The Squirrel Stopper pole will instantly make your backyard look like you have a legitimate bird feeding station.


  • The construction of the Squirrel Stopper is sturdy. The pole is made of 16 gauge steel and includes a black powder coat finish. The vertical pole has a diameter of 2″. The horizontal cross tubes at the top have a diameter of 1″.


Before I purchased my Squirrel Stopper, I noticed some users complained that it would rust over time. I never had this issue. But rust could be prevented by spraying on some sort of preventer like Rust-Oleum (Clear) periodically.

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Weight 336 oz
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 96 in

13 reviews for Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set

  1. Dave (verified owner)


    I loved the look of this pole, but was concerned a bit at the high cost. After looking all over the place I finally decided to try this. I followed the instructions, including keeping it 10’ from things squirrels could jump from.

    Set up could not have been easier. The auger set the pole quickly and securely. And did I mention quickly? Less than 2 minutes and it was in the ground. The rest went together easily and was very well made. Worth the cost. Not cheap tin.

    I had doubts that the baffle would work. But I set it up and started watching. After two weeks and a lot of attempts from our gang of 6 squirrels, I have not seen one get to the feeders. We have since added two more feeders, including a suet feeder, with no intrusions from the gang.

    The squirrels now sit on the ground and wait for the mistakes from above. They probe this often but have not figured it out. They also are now eating the corn that is out there for them. My expensive bird food is not disappearing every other day and we are getting way more birds without a squirrel feeding most of the day.

    I could not be happier with this pole and baffle. So much so that I am ordering a second one shortly for the front yard.

    Thanks for a great product

  2. sheryl Schlackman (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a pole that you will have forever, rather than those you’ll need to replace every few years, this is the one! It was simple to put together and install, and it holds multiple feeders without a problem. We have four on it now, filled to the brim, and we have room to add four more. It looks great, it’s sturdy, and we are thrilled with our purchase. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  3. Daniel Barkley (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product, and I recommend it highly–definitely worth the money I invested in it. It was straightforward to put together and is very sturdy in the ground. It is practical (I hang four feeders from it) and elegant. I’ve had it about a month, and so far the squirrels have not found a way past the baffle. They regularly climb the pole to the bottom of the baffle but give up their attempts pretty quickly.

  4. Robert Beckner (verified owner)

    The best product for birds that I have ever had. Very easy to put together. It is fun to watch the squirrels try to get in the bird feeder.

  5. Alan Mark Grochal (verified owner)

    This product was terrific. We have extremely smart squirrels in our neighborhood and they were completely befuddled by this product. One tried climbing the pole only to realize that it was hopeless and sulked away. Others crawl by, look and move on. I am very pleased.

    Alan M. Grochal–June 30, 2020

  6. DakotaMom (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this feeder pole. I bought this to replace an older feeder pole set where the arms would shift in the wind and my feeders would get all tangled up. In windy South Dakota this can be a problem! I love that the arms are fixed and there are multiple places to hand my feeders. I haven’t seen a squirrel try to climb the pole, they all stay at the bottom and eat the left over that falls to the ground, yay! I loved this set up so much that I bought a second one for the other side of my house. Highly recommend!

  7. Brenda R (verified owner)

    We lost a beautiful oak tree which housed my feeders – I struggled to find something attractive as well as raccoon and squirrel proof to put in its place. This totally fits the bill – and is attractive at the same time. Shipping was fast, it was quick to put together and it is a super sturdy system. Love it!

  8. Maria Cox (verified owner)

    Though I had qualms about the price, this squirrel proof pole was worth every penny. Easy to set up, even for a 79 year old. There are plenty of hooks to hang things from: I have two different seed feeders, a suet cage, a hummingbird feeder and on occasion a plant. And there is enough space to provide birds with social distancing. I often see seven at the same time. Even though they must have tried, I have never even seen any resident squirrel attempt a raid, instead they wait for the messy birds to provide food on the ground. I am not tall enough, so I banged a big headed nail into an old broomstick at right angles to fill the feeders. My old feeder had a sloped roof shaped baffle.; the grey squirrels made it there with 9 ft jumps from a tree, a red squirrel jumped from the post to one of the feeders, sitting comfortably on the baffle. The 4 feeders on the old post only ever had two birds at a time because of crowding. Even though I don’t feed the squirrels any more, my bird supply budget has almost doubled, and there is a live bird performance any time of day, and you don’t need a mask or leave the house.

  9. Angela Clark (verified owner)

    This pole has worked perfectly. I love that it’s sturdy and can hold so many feeders. I added a platform feeder to my suet and traditional feeders and now get more species. I watched a couple of brave squirrels try to climb or jump when it first went up but the word got out quickly and they now don’t bother trying. The squirrels and chipmunks still get plenty of treats from what the birds toss around. It’s so entertaining to watch! Great product. I highly recommend it. It was easy to put up and looks great in my backyard.

  10. Bob (verified owner)

    Sturdy. Pretty easy to assemble. Highly recommend.

  11. Daniel Giuffra (verified owner)


    I am not a handyman in anyway, but after about 25/30minutes I was able to fully assemble the contraption! One month in and no squirrels have been able to access the birdfeeders! I got this as a gift for my mom’s birthday as she now works from home due to COVID-19. She now has a lovely birdfeeder outside her “office” window and she loves it!

    I run in the neighborhood a lot and can tell you that all of the neighborhood birds wont stop chirping about how much they love this birdfeeder stand!

  12. Imogene Bilyard (verified owner)

    After years of fighting squirrels emptying and destroying bird feeders and black oil sunflower seeds I just happened to see this squirrel proof pole and baffle when I was searching for a hummingbird feeder. I read the description and decided to give this item a try and ordered it the next day. It has worked out great and kept the squirrels on the ground instead of on top of my shepherds rods I was hanging my feeders on. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and I feel like I finally won a battle with our many squirrels. Not a one has been past the baffle to date and we have some determined squirrels.

  13. Pat H. (verified owner)

    The squirrel stopper pole actually works! I love it. I had recently set up a couple of bird feeders on a regular hook pole and was really enjoying watching all the birds, until the squirrels discovered the feeders and completely took over. It’s very solid and nice looking, but more importantly, not one squirrel has been able to climb it. I’ve had it for about 3 months and after hearing me rave about it, a Couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to order one for her too. Worth every penny!

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